What are your operating hours?  Monday – Friday 7:00am-6:30pm

Do you have specific visiting hours?  No, we do not.  We have an open door policy for you to ask questions.  Because the dogs in our care are our highest priority, we may not be available to answer all your questions if you just “drop in.”   Appointments can be made to interview your dog, give you a full tour, and answer any questions you may have.

Are the dogs supervised during play?  Yes, we make sure to have at least 2 employees supervising the dogs at all times.

Does your facility have air conditioning?  Yes, for the comfort of the dogs, as well as ourselves, we have central air conditioning throughout the facility.

How many times a day are the dogs taken out?  We run a very organized day with a strict time schedule.  The dogs go out from 8am-10am, 10:30am-12pm, 1pm-2:30pm & 3pm-5pm.  The only exception to the schedule is due to the weather; if it is raining or extremely cold, we go outside more often for shorter periods.

Do you ban any specific breeds?  No, we evaluate all dogs based on their temperaments, NOT THEIR BREED.

Do you separate the little dogs from the big dogs and the older dogs from the younger dogs?   No, we do not separate by size or age.  We feel it is in the dogs’ best interest if they are exposed to dogs of all ages and sizes.

If my dog(s) need to go to the vet, will you take my dog(s) to his/her own vet?   Yes, we will, unless time is of the essence.  The following is our protocol for injuries: We assess the injury and if we feel it is an emergency we will call the owner en route to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn.  If it is not an emergency we call the owner and take the dog to their own vet if the owner would like us to.

Can you give my dog his medication?  Yes, we may administer any medication your dog needs.